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          Higher Education Press and Brill Announce Journal Partnership

          published:2011-09-16 09:23:19

          On 1st September 2011, at the Beijing International Book Fair a Journal Co-publication Agreement was signed between HEP (Beijing, China) and Brill (Leiden, the Netherlands). As of 2012 Brill will be responsible for the international print and online distribution of six scholarly journals in the Frontiers of China series, while HEP will be responsible for the Chinese market. 

          The Frontiers of China series was founded by HEP and presents the best of Chinese scholarship to the world. The list of journals contracted with Brill includes the following titles:

          Frontiers of Business Research in China

          Frontiers of Economics in China

          Frontiers of Education in China  

          Frontiers of History in China  

          Frontiers of Literary Studies in China

          Frontiers of Philosophy in China

          These titles were previously distributed by Springer. 

          Brill has always been dedicated to the dissemination of China’s academic achievement. The cooperation is a tribute to the growing importance of Chinese scholarship, not only in sciences, but in the humanities and social sciences as well. The alliance between Brill and HEP will surely lay a solid foundation for a promising and fruitful future.